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Lên Đường Camp is designed to provide leadership development to young community activists across the nation. Statistics collected in the past ten years have demonstrated that this is one of the most effective leadership development programs for the various Vietnamese-North American communities throughout the United States and Canada. Each year participants return home more motivated and more equipped to fulfill their commitment to volunteer work. This commitment, however, requires significant funding to supplement the additional cost of logistic planning.

Len Duong Camp consists of many activities that usually involve a team of more than 50 volunteer staff members. Starting in December, staff members are assigned to 14 task-oriented committees to prepare for the camp during a six-month pre-camp period. Utilizing a network of community activists, we recruit campers across North America, especially focusing on regions with high Vietnamese-North American populations. We conduct fundraising to subsidize half of the total camp expenditures. Team counselors receive proper training in order to effectively consult and motivate campers.

In the past twenty two years, Len Duong Camp has served over 5,000 young community activists and students. In this unique environment, campers have sharpened their leadership skills and realized their potential as future leaders. They return each year more motivated, more equipped for and committed to community involvement. Based on the feedback we have received from campers and on tracking actual campers’ community involvement, the impact of these camps has been one of the greatest success stories in the Vietnamese-North American community.

Please make your check payable to: 

Vietnamese Culture and Science Association
Memo: Len Duong  Camp 2023
A Non-Profit and 501 (c)(3) Organization – Tax ID 76-0360557
6689 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, Suite 303
Houston, TX 77072
Tel: 281-933-8118   Fax: 281-933-8187 

Your donation is tax-deductible

VCSA’s main goals are promoting excellence in education, leadership and skills development through culture and science.  Our organization encourages multi-generational and cross-cultural collaborations. We foster civic participation in the mainstream and Vietnamese America.


Starting with fourteen members in 1990, VCSA membership increased to more than 600 by 2017, with local chapters established in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Diego, Washington D.C.,Twin Cities, Minnesota, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and most recently, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada along with many remote members across the US and Canada. In 2000, VCSA established its first Community Center in Houston to deliver year-round programs and services benefiting the local Vietnamese-American community in Houston, Texas. 


In the last thirty years, VCSA has had an excellent track record of continuing support for community leadership development and promoting volunteerism among young people. We have developed several special programs whereby young people are recognized and encouraged for making significant contributions and providing countless volunteer hours to the betterment of the community. In October 2002, VCSA was recognized as the Runner-up of the National Independent Sector Leadership Award (offered by Independent Sectors Inc.) for its commitment to leadership development in the younger generations of Vietnamese-Americans.  In July 2007, VCSA won the Golden Wave Award and received recognition from Little Saigon Radio 1520AM and Viet-Tide Magazine as the most outstanding community organization in Texas. The Golden Wave Award and was selected based on people’s choice from listeners of the radio station and readers of the magazine. In 2015, VCSA was honored as the most outstanding community organization by the Houston Vietnamese American Physician Association.


VCSA is a true volunteer-based organization. It relies on its strength of hundreds of volunteers to help deliver numerous community service projects across North America throughout the year.

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