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Celebration of Life Scholarship

The COL Scholarship inspires to give everyone a fair chance to share how they celebrate life in their own way regardless of their talents, skills, or challenges during their walk of life. This scholarship is awarded to two individuals ($500/each).

This scholarship honors the life of Amelia Dawn Coffman, who was always daring greatly. Amelia was a gifted writer, speaker, social psychologist, and researcher. Or, in her own words, "a multi-passionate research psychologist who loves learning and teaching all things resilience." Amelia was infinitely talented with all art forms, instruments, languages, and tools. She was also a master of outdoor survival skills and excelled in veterinary medicine. Amelia dedicated her life to teaching and helping others, counting also animals and natural habitats.


Amelia fell in love with Vietnamese culture and became involved in many of the Vietnamese Culture & Science Association (VCSA) events, learning and practicing foundational Vietnamese whenever possible. Amelia served as one of the Workshop Presenters and Youth Forum Facilitators at Len Duong Camp 2017. 


She was the kind of friend you could tell anything to because she made you feel genuinely seen, validated, and connected. She wore her tender heart unapologetically on her sleeve. Those whose lives she touched will forever carry her honest, audacious, beautiful, and resilient spirit in their hearts.


Selection Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Application Requirements

The COL Scholarship will recognize and reward the outstanding individual who:  

  • demonstrates an experience or memory of them or someone they know celebrating life

  • with that impact and lesson, how to carry out to their life and/or gives back to their community

In order to be eligible for the COL Scholarship, an applicant: 

  • must be 18 years of age or older by May 2023

  • must register and attend Len Duong Camp 2023 to accept the award

  • Complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form

    • click here if you don't know how to download the form

  • Submit 2 portrait pictures to be used in LD camp booklet should you be selected for a scholarship (jpeg or png)

  • Submit a CV

  • The medium is open. Let your talents shine! Make sure it tells a story, and add descriptions as needed. Below are some examples that you can apply but not limited to:

    • Writing: essay, story, article, poem (no word count limitation)

    • Video/Audio: this can be a self-recorded blog, animation, video clip, dance, skit, playing instruments, making a song, rapping, and singing

    • Art and craft: painting, drawing, sculpting, and photography. Digital art is welcome. Send us at least 2 high-resolution pictures (jpeg or png) and a short description of your piece


Submission Requirements

Evaluation Criteria


Upon completing all the application requirements, submit all documents as individual attachments in one (1) email to with subject heading: “Your Name – LDC2023 COL Scholarship.”

  • Applicants for scholarships are evaluated for originality and creativity.  

  • Ms. Baotran Huynh to select the winners

  • $500 USD. This is a scholarship presented at Len Duong Camp and will be paid directly to an individual winner.

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