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Scholarships for Canadian Campers

😍 2 Scholarships for Canadian Campers

To ensure that the next generation of leaders can continue focusing on impacting their communities and organizations, HIRO is pleased to announce 2 Scholarships for Vietnamese-Canadian youths eager to make a difference in the local community, and to financially assist applicants so that they may attend this year’s Len Duong Camp.

The HIRO Scholarship will recognize and reward the outstanding individual who:

☑️ is committed to giving back to the local community

☑️ has demonstrated leadership qualities

All you need to do is write an essay in English or Vietnamese. Choose one of the following themes for your essay:

☑️ What is TIMwork (teamwork) and why does it matter? OR

☑️ How would you live your life if you knew time was a constraint?

This is a $500 scholarship presented at Len Duong Camp and will be paid directly to an individual winner.

💜 Click below for more info and how to apply:

HIRO Scholarship is generously sponsored by LD Alumni Phi Nguyen, in memory of Hiro.



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