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Bún Riêu For A Cause

IT'S OFFICIAL!! OUR LEN DUONG'S BÚN REAL (RIÊU) RESTAURANT is officially open and taking E-orders for VIRTUAL BOWLS AND RIÊU (REAL) bowls!!! 👉 Bun Rieu For A Cause ($25/bowl)

👉 Sunday, February 26, 2023

👉 12pm - 4pm

Since 1998, Len Duong Camp has been a flagship program of the Vietnamese Culture & Science Association (VCSA) to provide an environment where young adults can come together to develop leadership skills, network with like-minded individuals, and learn more about our cultural heritage. For the past 22+ years, we have helped 5000+ Vietnamese American & Canadian young leaders to learn more about the Vietnamese culture & become more committed to serving their local communities.

This year, we are bringing LD camp to Trinity, Texas with an impactful and enriching program unified under the theme of “T.I.M. (Together Impacting Many)”.

Please help us make the vision possible by supporting the project through purchasing either virtual or real bowls at:

Or purchase/donate by PayPal or Credit Card:

This social event in Houston, Texas will be hosted by Mrs. Kim Phuong. The address will be emailed to those RSVP for real bowls. Please RSVP for real bowls by February 23 by emailing us at:


Thank you so much for your support! Hope to see you soon at our fun and meaningful event!


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